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HEAL with Tracy


Why is chronic pain so common among AuDHDers? It’s oftentimes due to Hypermobility! Get lasting pain relief by working with a coach who specializes in hypermobility and comorbidities

AND... access it all from the convenience of your own home 

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Want help lowering hypermobility pain?


My team of PTs, OTs, nutritionists and I have built a program for you.

AND... you can access it all from your own phone 

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There is something very wrong with the pain relief industry


"It's all in your head"

"There's nothing you can do for hypermobility disorders"

"Those symptoms aren't connected"

"Keep doing the exercise even if it hurts"



If you've heard any of these statements, you aren't alone. You deserve to work with someone who specializes in root issues of AuDHD pain and symptoms: hypermobility, POTS, MCAS, MTHFR. Tracy has helped thousands of people stabilize symptoms.  It's time for YOU to become the expert so that you can have pain and symptom relief that lasts.  This is what the HEAL program stands for.

Everything below is all-inclusive in your Heal membership

Tailored video programs to correct AuDHD posture & heal hypermobility pain head to toe

Comprehensive support and education unlike anything out there

Get answers to unexplained symptoms AuDHDers often have with group coaching, masterclasses and trainings 

Group Coaching 

Weekly group coaching sessions for pain relief, POTS and MCAS with Tracy on Zoom.

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Join Tracy to dig into mind blowing root issues of MCAS, POTS, hypermobility pain and more and learn how to heal.

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The Neural Rewire

Get meditations designed for pain warriors to regulate the nervous system.

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30 hours of trainings with in-depth education to teach you the why's and how's of pain relief that actually works.

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Nutritionist Corner

Learn protocols to stabilize POTS, MCAS, MTHFR and gut symptoms 

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Ergonomic Tutorials

Learn how to sleep, drive, cook, work and more pain free with simple ergo tutorials.

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Tracy Rodriguez


Holistic Hypermobility Health Coach & Corrective Exercise Specialist    



People often ask how Tracy has come to have such intricate knowledge about  hypermobility, POTS and MCAS. Tracy developed the HEAL program after being the CEO of a global program for people with Hypermobility. With a staff of physical therapists, occupational therapists, nutritionists, trauma coaches and peer support coaches, her and her team collected data from working with hundreds with these conditions and developed the most effective protocols seen in the field. Tracy then developed this HEAL program to be able to put everything from that comprehensive program here into a more accessible form for you.

But her experience with these conditions is far more personal than that. Before her role as CEO, in 2014, Tracy was hit by a semi-truck. She was stuck in chronic pain and POTS/MCAS symptoms that no one could heal until she became a Corrective Exercise Specialist and Hypermobility Health Coach and helped herself heal. Turns out no one had told her that she had a condition called Hypermobile EDS that was keeping her stuck that took tailored solutions to heal symptoms (not cure).  Now Tracy specializes in working with those who also have underlying issues that no one is telling them about.  Tracy has been featured on FitFabFun, Fox and CBS for the work she’s done with hundreds of people who are back to doing what they love without pain. Now it’s your turn!


1. Do I need to be diagnosed with hypermobility to join HEAL?

 HEAL is designed for those who suspect or know that they have hypermobility, POTS, and/or MCAS. Diagnosis is not necessary in order to join.

2. What is your cancelation policy?

Your HEAL program is an ongoing subscription membership that you can cancel anytime with no additional fees.

3. Do I get charged if I cancel my free week trial before the 7 days is over?

No, you will not be charged and are welcome to test the waters and cancel if so desired.

4. What is included in each of the program subscription options?

Every subscription option includes the following: video corrective exercise programs for hypermobility pain relief head to toe, weekly group coaching with Tracy, masterclasses, 30+ hours of trainings, nutritionist corner with supplement protocols and recipes and a community with others in the membership.

5. What is the difference between program options?

The only difference in program options is the amount of time you sign up for up front.  (I.e. $5/mo billed annually is $60 USD up front, $14.99/mo billed quarterly is $44.97 USD up front and $19.99 USD is billed monthly) Other than that, all program options are the same in what is included.

6. How long is the HEAL program?

The HEAL program is an ongoing subscription membership that will continue to renew until canceled.

7. Where should I start once I've signed up?

Tracy recommends starting with the masterclasses and group coaching (even if you can't come live, start with the recordings!)

They did it... so can YOU

Kalie started cycling pain free again!


From constant chiro to "more pain free days than Shannon's had in years"!

"After just a few sessions, I can actually walk comfortably again!"
Kristin Ratten
"I am not joking.  If you have chronic pain, LOOK. NO. FURTHER."
Lia Pinelli
"In very little time...I feel so much less pain"
Ashley Furman-Hogan

This is your moment to take control of your health and rewrite your story.

PLUS get a free Low-Histamine Meal Planner to help lower pain when you sign up now!

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  • Billed Annually 
  • Everything (group coaching, masterclasses, nutritionist corner, trainings and more) is included
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  • Everything (group coaching, masterclasses, nutritionist corner, trainings and more) is included
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  • Billed Monthly
  • Everything (group coaching, masterclasses, nutritionist corner, trainings and more) is included
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