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Get power back over Hypermobility & AuDHD pain in this in-depth coaching program.

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Do you constantly have tight muscles,

but your posture is melting?

Your nervous system is likely recruiting the wrong muscles to hold your bold together.

This is why Tracy developed the Heal Program-

The mission at Heal is to empower you to be the expert in your health with a step-by-step roadmap, so you can break up with the expensive game of practitioner ping pong.

What You'll Get:

Weekly & monthly live classes on Zoom with a physical therapist, registered dietitian, occupational therapist and Tracy herself

Corrective exercise programs to correct pain points and posture issues head to toe

30+ hours of masterclasses and trainings to become the expert in your body

Nutritionist corner with written protocols for stabilizing POTS, Mast Cells, PCOS, Gut Health, MTHFR and more

Meditations designed for neurodivergent people with pain to help regulate the nervous system

Peak inside the HEAL Program:

Tracy Rodriguez


Hypermobility Health Coach & Corrective Exercise Specialist


My journey into this field began ten years ago after a life-altering accident where I was struck by a semi-truck. The incident left me grappling with chronic hypermobility pain and POTS/MCAS symptoms. Faced with a healthcare system that could not provide effective solutions, I had to take matters into my own hands.

When I became a Corrective Exercise Specialist and Hypermobility Health Coach, I not only transformed my own health but pioneered innovative protocols that have significantly advanced the management of hypermobility and related conditions. I built a program with a dedicated team of Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, nutritionists, and trauma coaches. Together we have developed some of the most effective treatment protocols available today, helping tens of thousands manage their conditions more effectively.

My mission is to help everyone in our community become the expert and gain power back over their life. I believe you can.  And I believe it’s your turn.

They did it... so can YOU

Since the program, I haven’t had a neck blowout in 3 months 


Pain doesn’t have to be my story anymore


I was able to go back to work as a nurse 


I can cycle again without injuring myself


My pain levels are now at a 1-2 max 


Results for me are more pain free days than I’ve had in years



This is your moment to take control of your health and rewrite your story.

Our mission is to make this information as accessible as possible. 

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